Add something special to your business cards!

Introducing JemDigital’s newest and most exciting product – flavoured business cards!

Exclusive to JemDigital, these business cards use the latest in pheromone-infused print technology to add a taste sensation that will make your customers really savour your business. Just one lick of a business card will release the delicious flavours hidden inside.

Here are just a few of our flavours:

Strawberries & Cream
This delicious summery flavour has hints of garden parties, fruity cocktails and Andy Murray. Perfect for your cafe, sweet shop, or tennis club.

Kale & Quinoa
Superfoods for your super business! Ideal if you are a personal trainer, whole food shop or something else that we have probably never heard of…

Who can resist the smell of crispy bacon? NO ONE! Butcher? Pig farmer? Hungover a lot? This is the business card flavour for you!

The JemDigital team liked this flavour so much, we’ve made it our signature flavour and had it added to our own business cards!

Irn Bru

Sorry! Nicola Sturgeon already bagsied exclusive rights for this one.

Got a flavour you would like added to your business cards? Get in touch today for a quote!

Apr, 01, 2017