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How much does web hosting cost really?

When I first began as a freelancer during college I found it really easy to get clients based on one thing. Don’t rip off clients for web hosting. It’s not about the cost. Really. It’s just over promising and over selling what they actually were giving to the client. People who were told they were […] Read more

May, 23, 2017



Add something special to your business cards!

Introducing JemDigital’s newest and most exciting product – flavoured business cards! Exclusive to JemDigital, these business cards use the latest in pheromone-infused print technology to add a taste sensation that will make your customers really savour your business. Just one lick of a business card will release the delicious flavours hidden inside. Here are just […] Read more

Apr, 01, 2017



DAY EIGHT – Low-cost options to getting online

(reading time 3 minutes) This might seem slightly controversial – offering my advice on alternatives to using the services we provide, although I have my reasons. Back in December, I assisted in a Q&A at WIB (Women into Business) where the topic of conversation was ‘How to get online’. My advice to the women in […] Read more

DAY SEVEN – The future for JemDigital

(reading time 2 minutes) That’s me now at the end of the first week, almost a third of the way into the 28 blogs in 28 days challenge. I first decided to start this challenge because sharing valuable content is an important part of our plans for 2017. We set ourselves some goals at the […] Read more

Feb, 07, 2017



DAY SIX – What I learned from my time in prison

(reading time 3 minutes) Before the journey of starting a business, I spent a few years inside. Fortunately, my presence there was not ordered by a court of law, I was there in a work capacity; I’m partial to keeping myself on the right side of the law like most of us, as you can […] Read more

DAY FIVE – Getting all social!

(reading time 3 minutes) One of the major changes for JemDigital was to prepare and execute a strategic social media marketing plan. Prior to this, our clients predominately came from recommendations, face-to-face networking and repeat business. As the team grew, the capacity to increase the workload was available. Further, I felt our lack of presence on […] Read more

DAY FOUR – The cost to run a design agency

(reading time 6 minutes) As promised (if you read DAY THREE – What had to change read here), I’m going to explain where we pull our figures from when preparing quotes for the services we offer at JemDigital.  Later blogs will delve into the cost for each service in more detail but I want to […] Read more

DAY THREE – What had to change

(reading time 4 minutes) The biggest change from Tiny Design Studio to JemDigital was that it was no longer ‘I’, it’s now ‘we’. While working on my own, I had been undervaluing my time to the point that the business was unsustainable and had absolutely no opportunity to grow. Until I realised why, I thought I […] Read more

DAY TWO – Why I threw in the towel so early

(reading time 7 minutes) Don’t worry, it’s not what you think, I’m not giving up on my blogging challenge after one day. I’m talking about my business, well my first one that is, Tiny Design Studio. The name was supposed to be a play on words because it started small and it was going to […] Read more

DAY ONE – Where do I start?

(reading time 4 minutes) One of the first questions a client will ask once we complete any design project is “What do I do now?” I respond by encouraging them to make a plan either with ourselves, or independently to position their brand/business in front of their target market. The best way, I would suggest, would […] Read more

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