DAY SEVEN – The future for JemDigital

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That’s me now at the end of the first week, almost a third of the way into the 28 blogs in 28 days challenge.

I first decided to start this challenge because sharing valuable content is an important part of our plans for 2017.

We set ourselves some goals at the beginning of the year, and then made a plan of how to actually achieve them. With blogging and our new social media strategy being the key at delivering and measuring the following goals:

1. Build trust
Trust is something that’s earned, not an automatic right. Our clients put their prized possession (I mean their business, not children, pets, or in some cases really nice cars) in our hands and trust us to deliver.

2. Giving something back
We really want to use our content on the blog, to inspire and educate about the possibilities of taking your business marketing to a new level with design.


3. Showcase what we do
We get to work on some really great projects with our clients, why wouldn’t we want to shout about it?

4. Engage with new and existing clients
As we would advise our clients, we want to extend our reach online. Using the experience of creating content to find out what people want and react to the feedback we receive.

I won’t do a review of what I’ve learned so far, not even at the half way yet but it’s been an eye-opener. I’m really overwhelmed with the positive messages I’ve had and the new connections I’ve made as a result of rambling for seven days.

Anyway, not one to count my chickens but I think it’s safe to say blogging will be a big part of our future.

Lots of love,


Feb, 07, 2017